Ozen Plus Factory

OZEN PLUS Sp. z o.o. is located in North-Western part of Poland and has a surface of ca. 90.000 m2. The main area of our activity is manufacturing of:

  • charcoal and briquette charcoal (link) – 20 000 tons per year
  • “green” electric energy (link) – 52 MWh per year

The factory has been established back in 2011 and without a doubt it is one of the most modern facilities of this kind, at least in Europe. Our production abilities within the scope of producing charcoal and briquette charcoal at the level of 20 000 tonnes per year make us one of the biggest subjects within the field.

OZEN factory is highly innovative. As the first company in the world we use the side-products that are created during the charcoal production process – wood pyrolysis – heat is used for production of electricity. In that way we use 100% of our wood resources. The solutions applied are patent-protected. Additionally we produce electricity in one more way – we are burning the biomass – straw or woodchips – in an independent biomass boiler.

The energy produced in such way is considered to be “green” electric energy. Power of the SIEMENS turbine set is 7.23 MW of electric energy.
Charcoal is produced in retorts that are in constant operation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Selective choice of the resources, along with modern, technological solutions provide best quality of our products.
The facility also has its own briquetting modulus and a complex of ready-made product warehouses, with a surface of over 8 500 square meters.