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GRILLOVE products have been created for those, who apprecieate high quality grilling charcoal and briquette. Select-wood and fines producedexclusively by us, which is used to produce the briquette makes our product achieve their top quality.
What should I grill?

Please, check our recipes out! This webpage may contain also your grill recipes. Send them to us, we will select the most interesting ones and publish them online.


How should I grill?
Grilling is fascinating - you may always experiment a bit. There is no single method of grilling. The present article will show you some of the ways. We will gladly publish any articles on grilling methods written by you.

Dear grill users, here we outline the story of charcoal. When was the charcoal created, what is the purpose of its use, what’s its impact on environment?
Grill lovers who would like to gain more knowledge in the field will find their answer here.
Ozen Plus company has started manufacturing of charcoal and briquette back in the beginning of 2011. Since the very beginning, quality has been our driving value. Our production abilities within the scope of producing charcoal and briquette charcoal at the level of 20 000 tonnes per year make us one of the biggest subjects within the field, who deliver top quality charcoal and briquette into the market.
If you would like to share your grill recipes, grill techniques or simply buy our product, please let us know!
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